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An old tale passed on throughout millenia once told, “Along with the progression of technological advancement, the human kind will be increasingly doubtful regarding our own existence and whether we are actually living in a world of deception and virtuality. Our exploration of the cosmos only generates further questioning of whether we truly exist, or are we just a component of fictional realms depicted in sci-fi, evoked by imagination.” In the summer of 2022, an unidentified flying object in the shape of a sphere emerges above the horizon just off the coast of an island in the Pacific. The silhouette of this gargantuan sphere hovers in the distance, sparkling despite the daylight, casting down a sense of uneasiness upon the citizens staring at it from ashore. A few days later, a legion of extraterrestrial robotic beings are seen descending on shore. Initially, this evoked panic amongst the citizens that were drenched in fear and awe, but over time, it became apparent that these robotic beings meant no harm. They flooded the streets and began repeating a sound that could only be made out as “Para.. Para…?”. Linguistics experts and extraterrestrial researchers have been gathered from all over the world to investigate this phenomenon, to figure out the true intentions of these robotic beings. Many efforts have been made to try to communicate with them, but none have been successful. That's until the 21st of July, a curious teenager snuck into the blockaded research facilities, bravely approaching one of the robotic beings, and when encountered with the usual “Para… Para?”. The teenager has been experimenting with different combinations and this time he was sure of it and confidently responded with, “PARA…LAND!”. This somehow triggered some sort of kill switch mechanism within the robotic beings, and they began to collectively shut down and ascend into mid air in an offline state and signaling simultaneously as if they’re sending out a beacon deep into space. The beacon continued for a few seconds, and all of a sudden, a deafening and deep voice penetrated through the whole world’s ears with the words: “Gratissimum ad PARALAND!” When the echoes of those words came to an end, the world stood still for a split moment, and the world as we know it, was never the same again… A majority of mankind were teleported across multiple peculiar worlds in a split second. At first glance, these new worlds did not seem to be any different from our own, even featuring some familiar locations. Everyone eventually figured out that the portals that link our world to these can be accessed back and forth at will. Those who wish to return to our world did so and those that found this new world enticing chose to stay and explore the unknown. The robotic beings greeted the ones that chose to stay and introduce themselves as the “ParaBots”. They referred to Earth as PARALAND and explained that their objective of visiting Earth was to invite mankind into these Lands and expand them. Mankind is now civilized enough in mindset to trailblaze and expand more worlds and traverse in between PARALAND and the Lands. Over time, mankind becomes gradually familiar with their new way of life, and anyone can freely jump from one world to another. Many began to start building their own worlds and gather other like minded people to join in. Mankind or creatures, tangible or intangible, all are able to communicate and interact with each other in each world. This created evolutionary communities and hence, mankind now willingly traverses and resides in between PARALAND and the Lands.